A musical journey through Norway

music in norwegian
An impressive amount of music comes from Norway, a country with only five million inhabitants. In this blog post, I will present music in Norwegian language that is popular today. You will find videos with different kinds of music, coming from different parts of the country. Spend the time you need, and enjoy!

Pronunciation videos

Here will find a number of videos about Norwegian pronunciation. You will find demonstrations of words with vowels that many people find difficult to keep apart. I also demonstrate the long and short version of every vowel. There are a…

Comprehensive guide Norwegian pronunciation

norwegian pronunciation rules

Introduction In the following, I will give you a general overview of the pronunciation rules of Norwegian, including sound files. The explanation is based on what in general is considered to be a standardised pronunciation of Bokmål. Still, there are…

What are the benefits of learning Norwegian?

why learn Norwegian
Norwegian is spoken by 5 million people, and almost all of them live in Norway. Nevertheless, there are many good reasons to learn this Scandinavian language. Read further to learn more.

På vei chapter 12

explanations tekstbok For the difference om ei uke/for ei uke siden/i ei uke, see here. uttale Listen to hear the combinations k+l and t+r The d is often not pronounced after the n. You will find other examples here. bisetninger…

På vei chapter 11

Explanations textbook uttale The Norwegian letter j is pronounced like y in English “yes”. The letter combinations hj en gj are pronounced the same way. The same is the case for g before i and y. You see some examples…