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Please only use this form in order to make a request for a trial lesson.
For all other enquiries, please go to the contact page.
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Below you will find a general overview of available times. The trial lesson lasts 45 minutes.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 0830-1100, 1315-1730, 1930-2100
Friday: 0830-1100, 1315-1700
Saturday: 0830-1300

These are time frames for the start of the trial lesson. This means that it can end later. Of course, I will not always be available at all these times, so you should indicate a couple of alternatives. These are hours of the time zone where Norway is situated (CET). If you live in another time zone, please state clearly which time zone you refer to in your reply.

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What is your motivation and what to you want to achieve? You can also refer to your previous message(s).