How we teach Norwegian online

Teaching method

Private Norwegian teacher online

Hei! Jeg heter Knut. This is how I introduce myself in Norwegian. I would like to tell you how I teach Norwegian online, so continue reading if you want to learn more!

I teach in an interactive way, just like I if we were in the same room. It is like an advanced video call, and there are endless possibilities.

Interactive Norwegian classes

There will be a lot of emphasis on oral practice during our online lessons. However, reading and writing is also very important.

We will be able to look at any text, e-book or website together. Using the digital whiteboard, we can write texts together. We can also share short videos or do some listening exercises. The possibilities are endless, and the course will always be for you, at your level.

A textbook is of great help when learning Norwegian as a foreign language. Using an e-book, the teacher and the student can look at the same page together and share written comments. Do you prefer to use a printed book? No problem at all! A printed book can also easily be combined with online exercises and other online resources.

Textbooks to learn Norwegian

I usually work with textbooks from the editor Cappelen Damm. They are available in both printed and electronic versions, and they cover all levels up to B2. Are you a beginner in Norwegian, or almost a beginner? At level A1 and A2, I usually work with På vei. For a fast track study program (A1 + A2), we can also use Norsk på 1-2-3.

Did you already reach a higher level? At level B1, we often use Stein på stein, and at level B2, Her på berget. The textbooks from Cappelen Damm include numerous online exercises and other resources, like videos.

If you prefer another book, we can discuss the possibilities to use it in combination with other resources. At a most advanced levels, we will use articles from newspapers and magazines as well.

Supplementary online resources

The course is organized for you, at your level, and it is adapted to your needs. As a customer of Lynganor, you will also have access to extra online resources. They give you supplementary explanations that make it possible to follow the lessons in a more autonomous way. 

During the lessons, we will spend time to help you master Norwegian pronunciation. However, you can also exercise between the lessons. In Lynganor’s online resources, you will find explanations, sound files and videos that can help you more easily master the sounds of the Norwegian language. Here you see a video where I explain the Norwegian alphabet. But it should be needless to say: as a customer, you will have access to a lot more.

Do you want to know more?

In order to learn more, you should also check out the FAQ page for learning Norwegian. There you will find more information about both my courses and about learning Norwegian in general. Do you want to see how this works in practice? Make an appointment for trial lesson.

Do you feel inspired?

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or other queries!