A musical journey through Norway

music in norwegian
An impressive amount of music comes from Norway, a country with only five million inhabitants. In this blog post, I will present music in Norwegian language that is popular today. You will find videos with different kinds of music, coming from different parts of the country. Spend the time you need, and enjoy!

What are the benefits of learning Norwegian?

why learn Norwegian
Norwegian is spoken by 5 million people, and almost all of them live in Norway. Nevertheless, there are many good reasons to learn this Scandinavian language. Read further to learn more.

Useful Norwegian words and phrases

Norwegian greetings, how to say hi and hello
How do you say hello, goodbye, thank you or sorry? How do you introduce yourself? Check out this post to learn words and expressions that are useful in many situations.

How similar are Danish, Norwegian and Swedish?

How similar are Danish, Swedish and Norwegian?
What do the Scandinavian languages have in common? To which extent can people who speak Norwegian, Swedish and Danish understand each other? In this article, I will explain this for you. Music is included to make it sound genuinely Scandinavian.

Dialects of Norway explained for non-Norwegians

Every Norwegian dialect has another word for "I"
In Norway, speaking dialect is common, also in our time. In this blog post, you can learn more about this phenomenon. You will probably notice the differences between the dialects, even if you don't speak Norwegian.