Norwegian online with a private teacher

Learn Norwegian with an experienced online teacher

My name is Knut and I teach Norwegian online. I organize private courses for anyone who wants to learn Norwegian as a foreign language. It does not matter how much you already know of the language—you are always welcome! Check out my site to see what I can offer you.

A Norwegian course for you

I teach Norwegian as a private teacher online. You can stay wherever you like, at your own convenience. During my lessons, you will be trained in both the spoken and the written language. The courses are offered at all levels and can start at any time.

A tailor-made language course

The course will always be adapted to your needs. You can learn at your own speed, and you decide yourself how often you have classes. As a customer of, you also have access to extra online resources. This gives you the opportunity to work independently between the lessons.

Here you can read more about my method for teaching Norwegian.

You may want to try this out before you decide, which is why you are offered a free trial lesson. Then you will get the opportunity to see how the course actually works – you will see how we teach Norwegian online. During this first free lesson, you will have the opportunity to express your own wishes for the continuation of the course.


You can pay for one lesson, or for a package of lessons. One lessons lasts 50 minutes

1 lesson44 euros
4 lessons165 euros
10 lessons390 euros

You can pay in euros or in Norwegian kroner. Please go to the FAQ-page for more information.

Knut, your Norwegian teacher

Knut organises online Norwegian courses

I was born and raised in Trondheim, in the central part of Norway. This is also where I completed my Master’s Degree in geography, combined with language and literature studies.

I have been living in different countries,  which has given me the opportunity to learn several languages. As you may have seen, this website is multilingual—maybe I also speak your language.

Here you will find reviews that go more into detail


Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any question or other query.